About Me

If I could travel back in time to talk to the person I was 10 years ago I would want to give her a hug. She’s just doing the best she can.

But then I’d tell her, “Honey, no one is going to say this to you, but you could do better.”

How many people feel that way? I bet a lot of people would really like to go back and give themselves a good kick in the pants.

The thing is, if anyone had tried to push me kick-in-the-pants style I would’ve shut down. When you’re hurting or just not ready to change yet external motivators don’t work very well. We all tend to shut down and feel attacked instead of inspired.

Instead this is how it would go:

10 years ago Sarah is walking in the rain from her car in the parking garage to work at a job she hates. All of a sudden, the rain clears! A sparkling rainbow nearly blinds her. A kickin’ beat intro’s me through the rainbow’s arch. I, of course, am dancing embarrassingly with a little shimmy, sideways hip thrust and awkward facial expressions.

I say, “What if I told you I have a magic strategy to adopt which will help you be happier and healthier?!”

Sarah says, “What is this…is this an elaborate Weight Watchers marketing scheme…? Are you a charlatan motivational speaker…?”

I don’t know how long I have to talk to her so I adopt some blunt language. “No, cupcake. I’m you from the future, and I have something called friggin’ coping skills to suggest to you. Here, I wrote them on this piece of paper and they are exactly perfect for you and your personality type. Get on it.”

Would I have taken the list and put them all in practice? I don’t know. Everyone knows eating better and exercising is only going to make your life better, but sometimes we are just stuck. I can’t promise you that by reading the stories on my blog you will magically—finally—be motivated to try to be a better version of yourself.

My hope instead is that anyone who stumbles on an article here or on my story will read something that will stick in their brain. Obviously if you’re reading this you’re curious, “Would it, COULD it work for me?”

What you’ll find here are stories you can relate to. I hope they make you feel ok about where you are right now, stuck or unstuck. But I hope they also make you feel inspired. Please feel free to message me to know what you’re finding out about yourself that you wish you would’ve known.

P.S. If you’re wondering which coping skills were on that list they are:





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