Half Marathon Training update-4 weeks in


After finishing “Brain Trainging for Runners” by Matt Fitzgerald I put together a training plan for four weeks. I wrote it all out and I was PERFECT through two weeks. Then I got sick. Yes, that May training log is accurate. Not a single damn workout in the last 12 days! GAH.

What started as a sinus infection went to infected lymph nodes and now my body is expecting an afternoon nap each day. My legs are itching for a run, but between Mother’s Day and early birthday celebrations for my husband, I don’t know if I’ll have any free time this weekend.

I am most disappointed because I was going to do a fitness test after the first four weeks and was hoping to see some improvement.

I’m trying to tell myself it’s no big deal for it to happen now because I am still MONTHS away from race day, but after my disappointing race in April I really want the next one to be a confidence booster.

If time trials go well in the next two or so months I might sign up for a random local 5k or maybe Tyler and I will do a virtual 5k.


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