What I’m Loving – May 2018

Devon Yanko

Anything I can read or listen to about her! Specifically her Hoka One One ad

“My life has not been super easy. People like to define you very specifically by events and they extrapolate out your whole life from it. Being sexually abused is not the story of my life. It’s not necessarily what made me strong; I was strong before that and because of that strength I was able to survive that.

When I was in that situation it was really complex and if I didn’t have the ability to say anything or talk about what was going on in my life I could literally go exhaust myself by running as hard as possible. It helped me separate from everything else that was going on in my life and it just gave me a break.

I had to fight really hard to be who I am today and I faced it and I feel like that’s how I want to face the world. Light and dark are part of our lives and you have to hold them with the same levity because you’re going to go through those things. 

Running is a perfect metaphor for life…you will see me crying and being like ‘I don’t think I can keep going’ and then like 30 miles later I’m like happy go lucky, ‘gonna crush it’ and that’s what I love about it. I love that all of those things can exist together. ”

I wrote a post about what running means to me Here but after I heard this I just thought, “What was the point of trying to explain it in my own words when she said it in a more meaningful way?” I just love that people feel the same way as I do. It’s like we all go to the church of running.

If you don’t know much about her you should watch the documentary Western States 100 on Youtube about a 100 mile race in California. Devon is an ultra marathoner and a very positive person. You can also read her blog. I am excited to listen to her interview with Tina Muir on the Running for Real podcast during my run tomorrow.

Vicki Carr – It must be him

I discovered this song in high school and it’s amazing. The song is about a woman waiting for a phone call. Pretty simple. There aren’t many lyrics, just a lot of “OH DEAR GOD” and “I SHALL DIE”. I recently tried to explain to my husband what it means to be “extra” and this song is basically the perfect example in song format. Go listen!

I don’t come across this song often, but I was watching Live From Lincoln Center with Andrew Rannells in concert (Elijah from GIRLS) and he had it on his set list. It was so fun. Plus that concert is the only time I’ve enjoyed listening to “Born to Run”.

This Old House in Charleston

I am a huge nerd when it comes to watching This Old House. I’ve always been fascinated by the guys and how they carry themselves, so I’m willing to watch even if they’re doing a super boring house or working with a home owner who has god-awful taste.

At one point I thought about quitting college and just becoming a carpenter because they made it look so worthwhile to work with your hands and do a job well. I know now that would’ve been a horrible idea because I hate to problem solve all day every day and working as a contractor you gotta be good at that.

Tyler and I recently travelled to Charleston for the Cooper River Bridge Run and we were loving all the architecture. Now I’ve discovered the show is in Charleston and is working on multiple properties!

I basically swooned when they went to the American College of the Building Arts and showed me this beautiful plaster work some students were creating:

This old house 1This old house 2

David Austin Roses

I have big plans for the landscape at my house and I also love to collect beautiful things. For years I’ve been getting the catalog for David Austin roses. David Austin is a horticulturist who specializes in traditional English roses. I love every rose he has created because they are usually full like a peony bloom and beautifully fragrant. Each rose has a fancy name too and since I’m an anglophile I’m such a sucker for that.

I got this rose for my Mother’s Day present and I plan to add another bush each year. This is Carding Mill:

carding mill rose

Oprah Super Soul Podcast – Jack Kornfield: Buddhism 101

I am not ashamed to admit that I love Oprah’s podcast. A part of me thinks it’s so cliche to be part of the throng of Oprah lovers, but she is so positive and curious and strong that it was impossible for me not to see how awesome she is. Each time I listen to the podcast I feel uplifted.

A lot of the podcasts where she talks about spirituality ring so true for me. I’ve been thinking really hard about life and my part in the cosmos and this podcast in particular was a perfect match for what’s been going through my mind.

PLEASE listen to this one, even if you already follow a religion. I feel that if we were all to practice some of the principles they discuss our world would be a much more peaceful place. Be curious!

The New Yorker

So many times I’m just shocked by what good writing and curious minds can bring to me through this magazine. They can even make an article on stink bugs interesting:

Across the country, vineyards are facing a double threat, because brown marmorated stink bugs eat both grapes and grapevines. Worse, they tend to migrate to the center of grape clusters late in the season, then get harvested along with them. According to one study, the threshold for detecting a flavor change in grape juice is twenty-five stink bugs per thirty five pouds of Conord grapes. On the plus side, or something, evidence suggests that fermentation makes it somewhat more difficult to notice the taste of crused stinkbugs in wine.

Home Invasion by Kathryn Schulz

Date night

It’s been a long time since Tyler and I went out for a date night. For his birthday we arranged a babysitter and we were going to go to a minor league baseball game. Then it rained. We kinda hemmed and hawed about where we were going to eat and what we were going to do for fun and all the indecision was making me cranky.

Then I brought my mind back to the whole point of the damn thing, which was quality time. Even if we went to the same restaurant we always go to and didn’t do anything particularly date-night-y, that’d be just fine because we’d be paying attention to one another without distractions.

It. Was. Fantastic. We got to talk about so much and my favorite part was talking about my dreams. I’d like to write a book and I already have an idea for that so we were talking through it a bit. He likes to say I should just take my journals from my teen years and type them up because he’s sure I’d be interesting enough for a young adult novel. That’s so romantic that he thinks I’m that interesting. A book is gonna take a lot more work than that, but I can’t wait to do it so he can be proud of me 🙂


That’s my list. Hope you came across some things that you LOVE LOVE LOVED too.

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