What Camden’s loving – June 2018 books

We’ve been busy this month playing outside or getting out of the house, so there’s been a lot less time spent reading during play time. Most of the books on the list were hits for bedtime.

Monster Park by Annie Bach

monster park

This one has limited rhyming text on each page so it is easy to read in a perky and dramatic voice which is what I think Camden loves the most about it. I loved the colorful illustrations and that the book ends with the Daddy saying, “We can come back another day” which is similar to what we tell Cam when it’s time to leave anywhere. We say “We’ll come back soon!”

Maybe a Bear Ate It by Robie Harris

maybe a bear ate it

In this one the kitty (?) drops his book while reading in bed and has trouble finding it. He comes up with several dramatic things that might have happened to it. I like this one because it encourages kids to create dramatic plots in their heads. I’m sure not every kid needs encouragement with that, haha.

Courduroy Goes to the Beach based on the character created by Don Freeman

corduroy goes to the beach

This book has some flaps for the kids to lift, though most are smaller than lift-the-flap books for younger kids, none bigger than an inch or so. I thought flaps might be old news for Camden, but there are about four on each page and it’s almost like a look and find in that you have to figure out which parts of the picture are flaps.

Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney

little excavator

This one has everything for a 2 1/2 year old boy to love: all kinds of construction equipment. The text has lots of action words to describe what the machines are doing, but the illustrations tell the whole story which is that the little excavator keeps trying to help with jobs he’s too little for, until the last job needs to be completed and he’s the only machine small enough to do it.

I just now noticed that it was written by the creator of the Llama Llama series. I’m not crazy about those books because I feel like the Mom is portrayed as very “Anything goes” when it comes to Llama’s behavior and I like to have clear expectations for behavior even when Camden is sad or mad. He liked the image when he saw it on Netflix though and so we had to give it a try… sigh.


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